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About Inspiramos

Inspiramos is a London based training and development consultancy specialising in helping individuals and organisations fulfil their potential. The Inspiramos team are delighted to have undertaken projects both in the UK and abroad.


Bob Bevil - Training and Development

With 15 years of experience within the training and development environment and including the building and leading of the training department in Britain's fastest growing pharmaceutical company, founder and Managing Director Bob Bevil explains the inspiration behind Inspiramos.


Tricia Persad-Bevil - Communications

Tricia Persad-Bevil is an experienced communications expert, specialising in ethical health communications, with over 12 years experience working for top 10 pharmaceutical companies.


Inspiramos Associates

Sharing Skills and Inspiration

Because at Inspiramos we appreciate that your requirements are unique, where necessary we utilise the services of tried and trusted expert associates who are hand picked to support your project in order to lead and deliver your positive development.


If you do what you have always done you'll probably get what you always got